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Preventative healthcare

Preventative healthcare is one of the most important things your pet needs in life to help them stay healthier for longer, whatever their age. We recommend a combined approach.

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Preventative healthcare for all ages

Dental care

Healthy teeth and gums contribute to your pet’s wellbeing and can prevent more serious dental issues. A combination of regular home maintenance (if possible) and more thorough dental care at the vets is recommended.

Health checks

Regular checkups with a vet or nurse (cuddles included) are a great way to get your pet used to coming to the vets for something other than treatments and procedures. Bringing your pet in every 6 months will also help us spot any potential health issues early.


Microchipping dogs is a legal requirement in England, Scotland and Wales, and is a quick and safe procedure that could make all the difference in reuniting you with your pet should they go missing. We recommend that cats, rabbits and guinea pigs are also microchipped.


Neutering your pet can have many benefits including avoiding unwanted pregnancies, stopping undesirable behaviours and can help to protect against some types of cancer. We also offer a keyhole surgery option, which is less invasive and promotes quicker healing.

Parasite protection

Fleas, worms, mites and ticks can be extremely irritating and harmful to your pet, and in some cases, can be fatal if left untreated. It’s important to treat your pet regularly with a combination of products that are effective against parasites.


Vaccinations are vital to protect your pet against a range of harmful and potentially life-threatening diseases such as parvovirus in dogs, feline leukemia in cats and myxomatosis in rabbits. Protect your pet from infancy right up through adulthood for peace of mind.

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