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Cat Friendly Clinic

Georgina Cat

CFC logo landscape + date“You have probably heard I have won a “GOLD” for having a cat friendly practice!!”  My staff said it isn’t just because of me!,  there are a few other changes that have taken place in the surgery to allow us to achieve this award.

The scheme is a voluntary one for veterinary clinics and is run by the ISFM (international Society of Feline Medicine) – an important voice for practices who have an active interest in the welfare and up to date treatment of their feline patients.

so, what does this really mean? Well, it means that we concentrate on  doing everything we can do to make your cat’s visit or stay with us as “feline friendly” or stress free as possible, especially when one considers that for most cats the only time they are taken in a car is either to the vets or the cattery!

We have a cat only waiting area.  This allows our feline patients to wait and see the vet in a calm and quieter environment away from our dog patients. We also have high stands to allow cats to be placed off the ground, which further helps to make cats feel more safe and secure.

We also run some cat only clinics when we can be sure there are no dogs in the waiting room. Here at Clent Hills Vets we understand how stressful trips to the vets can be for both our feline friends and their owners.  There are so many strange and sometimes loud noises, strange smells and barking dogs. Our cat only clinic runs Tuesday and Thursday between 11.30 and 2.15pm starting from September. This will allow your cat to see the vet or one of our veterinary nurses in a calm and quiet environment.

We also have our unique cat only ward allowing your cat to be as relaxed and comfortable as possible when staying with us.

All of our facilities are available to be viewed by our cat owners so if you are new to the area or if your cat is due to undergo surgery we are always happy to show you around.

We also invested significantly in the training of our staff, both nurses and vets, under the direction of Becky Deli-Bovi, who has gained her General Practitioners Certificate in Feline Practice by examination.

So you can be sure that when your cat comes to us, he or she will receive the best possible and up to date treatment available in a very happy Feline Friendly Practice.

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