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Dogs Diesel and Vinnie receive acupuncture therapy for chronic pain

Amy Holloway

veterinary acupuncturist Laura Buckey explains all about acupuncture for petsVeterinary Acupuncture is a progressive and beneficial treatment for a range of conditions including arthritis, hip dysplasia, bowel disorders, IVDD – Intervertebral Disc Disease, nerve trauma, skin conditions, behavioural issues and more.

Clent Hills Vets can now offer acupuncture to pets alongside their current treatment plan, thanks to Veterinary Acupuncturist, Laura Buckey.

Two dogs in particular who are already benefitting from this complementary therapy, are Diesel and Vinnie. Emily Ashdown, RVN, Pet Physiotherapist and dog owner, has been bringing her two spaniels to see Laura for acupuncture therapy for a few weeks now.

Diesel on the left has mild hip dysplasia, you can see how relaxed he is after treatment in the centre photo below. Vinnie’s case is more complex as he has hip dysplasia, Lumbosacral disease, stifle degeneration and medial shoulder syndrome. He has all areas treated and Emily is seeing positive results in both dogs with less stiffness and reduced pain.

We’ll bring you more updates on these special boys soon.

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