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Dogs on diets: The dachshund weight-loss double act have a clear winner so far

Amy Holloway

Hi folks, it’s that time again, weigh-ins! This week miniature Dachshunds Ted and Sausage visited nurse Leah at Clent Hills Vets in Hagley for their 3rd weigh-in since being put on diets in October.

sausage had her measurements taken by nurse LeahIf you recall from our previous weight loss blog post, Ted had lost 300g and Sausage had gained 100g. Well, clearly only one of these two is taking the whole ‘diet thing’ seriously as guess what, Ted has now lost another 147g, whilst Sausage… hasn’t gained more at least, but remains at the same weight and size – perhaps she is a secret eater! Ted’s also shed a massive (for his size) quarter inch from his neck and half an inch from his chest and waist since his last weigh-in. Way to go slim Ted!

Leah said she was pleased that Sausage hadn’t gained, but emphasised the importance of her starting to lose some weight going forward.

Well, what’s changed in the last 4 weeks? Both Ted & Sausage have been on their new Purina Opti Weight diet for the last 2 weeks, so I’m hoping this will start to make a change for Sausage as she gets used to the new food. The snow and ice came…which saw them staying mostly indoors for about 4 days. Hopefully, now it’s gone we can get back to our 45-60 minutes exercise a day. They did manage to get out for 20 minutes on one of the snow days, albeit mostly in a snow-buggy made for two…

miniature dachshunds ted and sausage have fun in their snow buggy


miniature dachshund ted plays in the snow to lose weight


Lunchtime snacks may still be the issue, as they tend to have half a Dentastix or half a Plaque-aid bone 2 -3 days a week when I’m not at home to make them steamed carrots and courgettes.

So the next weigh-in will be in the new year and my husband and I plan to support Sausage and Ted by going on a diet with them – fingers and doggy toes crossed for us all! See what happened at their post-Christmas weigh-in

If you’re concerned about your dog’s weight, give our team a call today. 

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