Male Cat Neutering Post Op

Post Operative Care for your male Cat after Neutering (Castration)

When you collect your cat after their procedure, they should be able to walk. Some cats can be a bit sleepy up to 24 hours after the procedure, whereas some cats can appear to recover a lot quicker. Either way, it’s important to remember they have undergone a medical procedure, and they will need some special care.

When you get home:

  • Take your cat to their bed or favourite place and encourage rest.
  • Keep them warm and offer a light meal – don’t worry if they don’t eat it. Not all cats want to eat the same day, but they should be back to normal eating habits the following day.
  • Ensure they have easy access to water and a litter tray, then leave them to rest.

Post-op care for male cat castration

  • Male cats should be kept indoors overnight – they may go out and resume their normal lifestyle the following day.
  • It’s important to check the procedure site every day (for around 10 days) for any redness or swelling.
  • In some cats, the remaining scrotum may fill up with fluid, as post castration there are no testicles to fill the space. If the swelling appears to be bigger than the testicles that were there before, call us for advice.
  • Please prevent your cat from licking the procedure site as this can lead to infection.
  • We do not routinely see male cats after neutering for a postoperative check, but we may see them if you are worried or concerned.
  • There are no stitches to be removed following a routine castration.

Things to look out for:

  • NOT eating / drinking after 24 hours
  • NOT going to the toilet normally
  • Any vomiting / diarrhoea
  • Swelling in the immediate area or discharge from the wound
  • Opening up of the wound

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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