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Five special ways to remember your pet

Amy Holloway

Losing a pet is heartbreaking, however old they are or whatever the circumstances. Our pets are such a big part of our lives. Moving forward is never easy, but we wanted to share with you some special ways you can celebrate and remember the lives of your beloved pets.


How we can support you

If you’re at the stage where you know you will have to say goodbye soon, it can often be easier to talk about what you would like for your pet before the time comes. If you are saying goodbye to your pet at Clent Hills Vets, our friendly and compassionate team can discuss everything with you in a private and comfortable room. We also offer our clients free bereavement counselling, which can be extremely comforting and helpful even before you have to make the decision to say goodbye.

It may also be helpful for you and your family members to understand what is about to happen. Visit our end of life care page and learn how your pet will be cared for and the choices you can make.


5 special ways to remember your pet


A Lock of Hair

You can cut and save a lock of your pet’s hair at any age, but some people find it especially comforting when they are saying goodbye. Make sure to ask your veterinary team to do this for you if you have not been able to yourself.


Paw Prints

Much like with a lock of hair, you can take your pet’s paw print at any life-stage and watch them grow from a puppy into an adult – we have some clever ink-free packs available which are perfect for this.

capture your pet's paw print in silver

If you would like a paw print from your pet when saying goodbye, make sure to ask your veterinary team to arrange this for you. This is a complimentary service our team can provide if you would like; a gel ink-pad is used to take a paw print that will be placed in a keepsake card for you.

If you like the thought of your pet’s paw print being with you all the time, you can get it made into a piece of silver jewellery or a keepsake. Find out more >


Commemorative Photo Frames

As an alternative to a decorative urn, you can have your pet’s ashes placed inside a wooden photo frame, behind a special photo of your pet. We have one of these at our Bromsgrove practice for our cat Georgina and it’s a beautiful reminder of her – see main photo.


Plant a Flower, Shrub or Tree in your Pet’s Memory

For pets buried at home, a shrub or flowers to mark the spot can be a lovely reminder, especially if you choose one which flowers at the time of year they died. When one of our owners loses a beloved pet, we like to send a sympathy card and some forget-me-not seeds as a tribute to them.


We send out forget-me-not seeds to our clients who have sadly lost their pets


Memorial Pathway & Garden

Many people believe their pets take a walk over a beautiful and peaceful rainbow bridge when it’s time for them to say goodbye and we think this is a wonderful and positive image to hold on to. We’ve created a memorial pathway and garden at our Bromsgrove practice where you can have a commemorative brass plaque engraved with your pet’s name. It’s a special place where you can come and sit and remember your pet. Find out more our Memorial Pathway & Garden.


Clent Hills Vets memorial pathway and garden at their Bromsgrove practice You can have your pet's name engraved on a brass plaque for our memorial pathway and garden


If you would like some advice on special ways to commemorate your beloved pet, get in touch with our team today. We can always arrange for Victoria, our Bereavement Counsellor to call you back and talk through the options available if you feel that would be helpful.

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