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Local pet owners learn about pet health emergencies and first aid

Amy Holloway

Around 120 local pet owners joined us last night for our free ‘Pet First Aid Event’ at Bromsgrove School. We offered this event in support of National Pet Month, which runs from April 1st until May 7th and focuses on responsible pet ownership, as well as our chosen Charity, Worcestershire Wildlife Trust.

We knew this event would be popular so we booked the fantastic lecture theatre at Bromsgrove School. We didn’t realise quite how popular though until we were fully booked with a week and a half to go and had over 20 people on a waiting list! After some last minute cancellations and a bit of juggling, we managed to accommodate everyone.

Emily Ashdown, a registered veterinary nurse and pet physiotherapist, delivered an informative and jam-packed presentation that included helpful advice on a number of medical situations. For example: what to do in an emergency, basic health signs to look for, checking a petʼs temperature, wound management, dealing with blood loss and seizures, and identifying and minimising shock.

RVN and pet physiotherapist Emily Ashdown delivers the first aid presentation

The talk also covered how to treat wasp and bee stings, handling heat stroke, and emergencies in the park such as drowning and dog fighting. Emily was able to share experiences from being a veterinary nurse and seeing all kinds of emergency situations, and from being a pet owner herself.

Emily Ashdown shares her tips on what to do if your dog is drowing

Our nursing team were also on hand throughout the evening to answer any specific questions people had.

Guest Tori Newton-Coombs, owner of a Sprocker Spaniel called Theodore, said: “I love to go exploring in the countryside with my crazy Spaniel but when I watch him bulldoze through bushes, ponds and even barbwire fences I have always been really worried. I knew how useless I would be if an accident were to occur. I now feel confident that I could react to a range of different emergency circumstances and step in to avoid potential incidents.
It was a really helpful event for pet owners to attend.”

Common advice throughout the evening included ‘always call your vet for advice’ and in many cases, ‘the quicker you can get your pet to a vet, the better your pet’s prognosis could be’. At Clent Hills Vets we’re lucky enough to have a 24/7 out of hours emergency service, so you’re never without essential pet care, whether you’re a client of ours or not. Simply call 01527 889810 day or night to receive veterinary advice and an appointment if needed at our Bromsgrove practice. Find out more >

As well as learning about emergency situations and first aid techniques, we also invited our guests to help us support our chosen Charity Worcester Wildlife Trust, with a variety of fundraising activities.

A number of local businesses kindly donated to our raffle including Asda in Bromsgrove, The Ladybird Inn, sixty degrees cafe, Worcestershire Wildlife Trust, Purina pet food, as well as a very kind client and a staff member.

Clent Hills vets pet first aid kitTop prizes in our raffle and competition included an Amazon Fire 7 Tablet and a dog swim at our new Fitness & Rehabilitation Centre opening soon. Plus, we sold over twenty-five pet first aid kits and will be donating 50% of the proceeds to Worcestershire Wildlife Trust. So far, we have raised over £250 and can’t thank our audience and donators enough for their generosity.

The pet first aid presentation covered a lot in a relatively short space of time, so we will be sharing some of the key take-home points with you soon. If you have any pet first aid questions, feel free to contact our team >

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