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Our team Pledge a Patch for Wildflower Week

Amy Holloway

Each month or so, we like to give our team a little treat to say thanks for doing an amazing job. With it being National Wildflower Week at the start of May, we teamed up with Worcestershire Wildlife Trust to give everyone one of their Pledge a Patch Packs.

This month our team received a pledge a patch pack for wildflower week

Inside their packs, our team each received a packet of seeds and instructions on how to create a wildflower and wildlife haven at home – even if they only have a hanging basket, plant pot or window box to spare.

A pledge a patch pack from worcestershire wildlife trust

Worcestershire Wildlife Trust are our chosen Charity for 2018 and we’re loving finding news ways to get involved and do our bit. We recently started our Year of Volunteering programme with them and we have raised £270 so far at our recent Pet First Aid event with sales of raffle tickets and pet first aid kits.

The Trust are about to do a big launch for their Pledge a Patch campaign, where the idea is to get as many people as possible throughout Worcestershire County to pledge a patch in their garden, no matter how small, and dedicate it to growing wildflowers and other plants that our insect friends love to pollenate. The thought behind this is that if everyone does a bit, it all adds up to a lot and together we can help local wildlife to flourish.

At our Bromsgrove practice we are Pledging a Patch in our pet memorial garden and will be adding another plant pot for our wildflower seeds, along with a bird feeder and bug hotel possibly in the gardens by our car park.

we are pledging a patch in our pet memorial garden

Over at Hagley, we’re looking for the perfect patch to pledge. We’ll update you with new photos once everything is in place!





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