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All smiles and waggy tails at Labrador Event

Amy Holloway

A room full of smiling faces, waggy tails and good advice…what more could you want? Our first ever Know Your Breed Meetup was a roaring success and we couldn’t have done it without such a receptive and enthusiastic audience.

Last Wednesday’s Labrador Meetup was well-received by the 31 pet owners and 12 labradors in attendance, with them all having a chance to mingle and get acquainted at the top and ‘tail’ end of the event. We had a mix of Clent Hills clients and non-clients attend but everyone had one thing in common, they all wanted to talk about and find out more about their breed.

expert panel at clent hills vets labrador meetup from left to right - alun edwards, luan cinque and jessica fanning

Our expert panel included our Head Vet Alun Edwards, Luan Cinque from Purina and Jessica Fanning from Bromsgrove Canine Physio & Hydrotherapy. Labrador topics covered during the event included hip and elbow dysplasia, epilepsy, arthritis and how laser and hydrotherapy can help, what to do about fatty lumps, the ideal body condition for labradors, as well as some handy food, exercise and physio tips from our experts.

audience of pet owners at labrador meetup event

We also discussed as a group why some dogs that have been neutered late still give and receive unwanted attention from other dogs, and how to stop labradors chewing things up (audience tested methods included covering stuff in Olbas Oil and encouraging dogs to chew nylabones covered in marmite instead) and eating too much – two issues many owners in the room agreed upon.

When asked for feedback after the event, this is what some pet owners had to say:

“I think other dog owners would like this type of drop-in event to break the ice in talking about their dog’s health & wellbeing.”

“Excellent evening – very informative in a friendly & relaxed atmosphere.”

“Very interesting & enjoyable.” “Very well covered and organised.”

“Very well covered and organised.”

We also asked people what the best thing they had learned at our event was, their answers included; meeting other dogs & other people, the fact that other people have similar issues and concerns, information about physio, exercise and nutrition, and what conditions the breed is predisposed to. Some owners also mentioned they would be interested in potential same breed walks in the area.

4 yellow labradors meet up at clent hills vets labrador event

As for why the event was organised, we know pet owners love to talk to other same breed owners about their dogs, it’s a natural connection. The idea behind our event was to bring like-minded people together to share experiences and learn invaluable information and tips about their breed from our experts as well as each other, and to enable local people and pets, to bond and build new friendships. We hope we did just that!

Watch this space for news of our next Know Your Breed Meetup event.

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